Created in the 17th century by a Dutch doctor who combined alcohol with the juniper berry, for medicinal purposes, presumably. Typically a triple distilled neutral grain spirit infused with botanicals such as the traditional juniper berry, but also coriander, lemon peel, angelica root, grains of paradise, cinnamon, anise, cassia bark, and caraway. Styles of gin include:

London Dry:
Heavy citrus, a drier gin not necessarily from London. New Style or American: Contemporary style gin with a broad range of flavors and botanicals.

English gin from a single distillery, very earthy, 80 proof. Genever: Dutch style gin, sometimes aged, sweet, made with barley.

Old style of making gin prior to the Thirty Year War (that’s right, the one that started in 1618) , contains more malted barley than neutral grains.

Style of gin made after the Thirty Year War, made with more neutral grains.

Old Tom:
Very sweet gin once considered a “poor man’s gin.”

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