Distilled from cane sugar or molasses, rum is the drink of the Caribbean, with each island creating its own distinct style.


Puerto Rico rum is distilled much like whiskey and aged in oak casks. Light bodied rums are aged one year, while golden rums must be aged a minimum of three years.

Jamaica produces full-bodied rums from molasses, double distilled in pot stills and aged in oak casks for at least five years.

Virgin Island rums are usually dry and light- bodied like Puerto Rican rums.

Martinique and Haiti produce medium-bodied rums distilled from sugar cane juice and aged in oak. Brazil makes rum, but it’s called Cachaca.

10 Cane   $6
Appleton Estate 12 Year   $7
Appleton Estate 21 Year   $15
Bacardi 151   $5
Bacardi Dragonberry   $4
Bacardi Silver   $4
Captain Morgan   $4
Captain Morgan Black   $4
Flor De Cana 4   $4
Flor De Cana 18   $8
Leblon Cachaca   $6
Malibu   $4
Myers   $4
Oronoco   $7
Ron Zacapa   $8
Zaya   $6

Prices subject to change without notice.