In the U.S., England, and Ireland, you drink whiskey, but if you’re in Scotland, Canada, or Japan, it’s whisky. However you spell it, it’s the “water of life” or “uisge beatha” in the Gaelic tongue.
“The light music of whiskey falling into a glass — an agreeable interlude.
James Joyce

Who made the world’s first whiskey, the Irish or the Scots? That’s a lively argument that will never be resolved, so it’s best to toast both great homelands with your favorite whiskey or whisky. The Irish make single malts, as well as excellent blends of malted and unmalted barley. Often, mellowing neutral grains are added. Usually triple-distilled and always aged a minimum of three years.

Bushmills 10 Single Malt - $9
Bushmills 16 Single Malt - $10
Connemara Peated Single Malt - $9
Jameson - $5
Jameson Gold Reserve - $10
Kilbeggan 15 - $5
Knappogue 12 - $8
Michael Collins 10 - $8
Redbreast 12 - $9
The Tyroconnel 10 - $6

Whisky production in Japan began around 1870, but the first commercial production was in 1924 upon the opening of the country's first distillery, Yamazaki. Broadly speaking the style of Japanese whisky is more similar to that of Scotch whisky than Irish whiskey, and thus the spelling typically follows the Scottish convention (omitting the letter "e").

Yamazaki 12 - $8

Bernheim Wheat - $6

Old Overholt - $4
Rittenhouse 21 - $6
Sazerac - $6

If it’s not from Tennessee and not 51% corn, then it’s another kind of American whiskey and it’s probably rye. A “straight” whiskey has to contain at least 51% of the primary grain in its formula.

Gentlemen Jack - $6
Jack Daniel’s - $4
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel - $8
Seagrams 7 - $4
St. George Single Malt - $8

All Canadian whiskies must be labeled as blends before being sold in the U.S. They are made with a blend of rye, barley, wheat, corn and sometimes include fruit wines.
Canadian Club - $4
Crown Royal - $5
Crown Royal Reserve - $8
Crown Royal Cask 16 - $11
Crown Royal XR - $15

Prices subject to change without notice.